martes, 19 de enero de 2010

Couple interior issues, saying "the driver's seat squeaks while passenger's rattles." And we're also wondering why Nissan to locate the passenger seat tilt release (to give access to rear seats) closer to the driver, meaning folks entering from "off" side have to reach across the seat to trip the mechanism. Lundant controls on either side would be a better solution.

Those really living with the Nissan, the trunk provides an amount of space for groceries, although the floor is shallow the opening is fairly narrow. Still, given where the Coupe it's perfectly acceptable.

Using 301.1 litres of premium fuel in the process, meaning we're averaging 12.0 L1100 km, higher than the 11.2 (city) 17.3 (high way) as rated by Transport Canada. We'll put that down to a combi nation of engine break-in, a heavily city-biased driving environment and our tester's addiction to torque. We're hoping to stretch its legs on a couple road trips to see if we can get the numbers back in line, especially since all these kilometres are accompanied by high fuel bills thanks to its preference for premium.

For now, we'll continue to appreciate the Altima Coupe's aesthetic appeal, and hope that with less bulky clothing.
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